“Work from Anywhere”

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“Work from Anywhere”

Beeline plans to introduce the “Work from Anywhere” policy for employees



Beeline, a member of the international group “Veon”, reviews the opportunity for its employees to work from their preferred location. The "Work from Anywhere” policy means that the employee decides whether to fulfill his/her duties from the company's office or from any other place.


The culture of working from home in Beeline has existed for many years, and the employees have benefited from this opportunity even before the pandemic. The Beeline managed to cope with the challenges of the quarantine period, including the transition to a fully remote mode of operation of the company thanks to this particular organizational culture.


“Thanks to a unique organizational culture based on trust and cooperation, Beeline has long been offering Be Free policy to its employees, which means they can choose to work from home, work outside the office, or even from a café from time to time. The successful use of this policy, along with Beeline’s digital agenda, which allows us to make 100% of our products and services available online and carry out transactions from anywhere, has given us the opportunity to turn our offices, including the call center, 100% remotely. Currently, we are discussing the possibility of introducing the policy Work from Anywhere not only for the health and safety of our employees and their family members, but also to prepare ourselves for the mode, which - we think - will soon become a normal form of work. Among other things, the current pandemic has once again made it clear that flexibility, rapid adaptation, and foresight are essential for the businesses to instantly adapt to the new environment. During summer we will look at a variety of tools and procedures that are essential to ensure the productivity of works envisaged by the policy Work from Anywhere” – Mr. Andrzej Malinowski, the Beeline Director-General declared.