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Beeline continues to support startups and befriends Georgian mobile application BeWise


Beeline, a member of the international group "VEON", continues to support startups and promote the development of digital products in Georgia. This time the company has become a partner of the health app Bewise, which aims to popularize this innovative digital platform.


BeWise is the first mobile application in Georgia that offers users a new approach to health management. With the app, an individual can control the symptoms of possible illness and keep a history of his/her own health condition. BeWise has a simple registration module through which it is possible to identify a user's risk group. Next, the user indicates in online mode all the symptoms that have been bothering him/her now or in the recent past. The app periodically asks the user how he/she feels. As a result, an electrical history is generated, which allows the user to provide accurate information about his/her complaints to the physician, if necessary. Additionally, the application has a built-in Facebook so-called Stories-like module with helpful tips and recommendations, including on coronavirus.


For more information about the app, visit BeWise Facebook:; or on the website:; Contact BeWiseBot: and download the BeWise app: