„Develop a game and become a partner of Beeline“

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„Develop a game and become a partner of Beeline“


For the purpose of Mobile Gaming local market development, Beeline is hosting Hackathon for developers


Develop a game and become a partner of Beeline


The member of the international group “VEON”, Beeline continues to support local digital industry development and to encourage representatives of the field. On 23-25 October, Beeline hosts the Video Gaming Hackathon, Beeline Game Jam and invites groups of individuals interested in game development.

The purpose of Beeline Game Jam is to recognize local game developers, encourage them and to offer cooperation. The teams of designers, developers and related field representatives, with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 members, will compete in developing the prototypes of mobile games (HTML5 format). Considering the current situation with the pandemic, the Hackathon will be held online. All members of the winning team will receive PlayStation 4 as an award. Most importantly, the authors of interesting prototypes/ideas will have an opportunity to form the partnership with Beeline in terms of game development and conclude an agreement with the profit splitting model. Those interested in participating in the competition will find additional information regarding the Hackathon on the event page. The deadline for registration of the participating teams is October 18.

Beeline is recognized for the development of its own mobile games and innovational approach to offer its customers additional value. At the moment, Beeline’s digital channels have 6 games available. The customers have an opportunity to choose any of the games and start collecting Megabytes. The company has already implemented the plan for the future development of the games portal, among which is the involvement of the new talents revealed by the Hackathon in local game production.