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Beeline offers its customers a new line of internet packages, "Internet Max"



Beeline, a member of the international group “VEON” offers its customers a new, innovative line of Internet packages, "Internet Max". The “Internet Max” consists of several different packages and includes unlimited night internet in addition to fixed megabytes. The number of megabytes included in the Internet packages is tailored to the needs and requirements of different users:


  • 2 GB + unlimited night internet: GEL 7


  • 4 GB + unlimited night internet: GEL 11


  • 10 GB + unlimited night internet: GEL 17


  • 30 GB + unlimited night internet: GEL 30


In addition, MyBeeline app users can take advantage of a special offer: 3 GB + unlimited night internet for GEL 7.

"Internet Max" packages are valid for 30 days and can be activated with USSD code, as well as with the MyBeeline App, from the Beeline website and through the Beeline Facebook chat-bot. For more information, visit: