Beeline Customers can already use a virtual SIM Card

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Beeline Customers can already use a virtual SIM Card

Beeline, a member of International Group “Veon”, offers its customers a Virtual SIM Card (eSIM) service. The eSIM (Embedded SIM) is a virtual SIM card built into the smartphone and allows subscribers to use all the services that are available with a physical SIM card.


The eSIM is a modern solution that creates significant comfort, flexibility, and freedom for the customer. In addition, activating the eSIM is easy and fast, without leaving home – at any time of the day, via the Beeline website. The eSIM has many advantages over a physical card - it does not break and cannot be lost, it can be replaced online.


The process of activating the Beeline eSIM includes simple steps and requires you to enter the phone number (if any) and the model of the smartphone, upload your ID, and take a photo through the website. At the end of the process, the user receives a QR code and scans it to activate the eSIM.


For even more simplicity, the Beeline website features videos describing the activation process and detailed information for both iOS and Android smartphones.


The cost of an eSIM is 5₾. Beeline subscribers can also exchange a physical SIM card for an eSIM, without leaving home at the price of 5₾. On purchasing an eSIM, as well as replacing the physical SIM card with the eSIM, subscribers will receive 5 GB internet as a gift from Beeline.


The eSIM can be activated together with the physical SIM card, so subscribers can use two numbers at the same time. To use a virtual SIM card, the smartphone must have the appropriate support. A list of such smartphones is available on the Beeline website.


“I am pleased to offer customers the best modern solution in the form of eSIM, which will allow them to activate a new SIM card on their smartphone or replace an existing one with an eSIM, without leaving home, at any time online. Beeline always aims to provide customers with the best digital products and services to make it easier to use our services and receive them in real-time, as and wherever needed,” says Lasha Tabidze, Beeline CEO.