Beeline and DCB Digital Content Aggregator - Mondia Became Partners

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Beeline and DCB Digital Content Aggregator - Mondia Became Partners


Beeline continues to create a variety of offers and new opportunities for subscribers. As part of its digital strategy, Beeline has launched a partnership with one of large and significant DCB digital content aggregators, Mondia. As part of the partnership, products of various digital services and content providers will be launched from time to time, for which payment will be charged from the subscriberэs mobile balance.


The first such product is GameOnz, a mobile gaming portal where users can download desired premium games for free. To use the service, a subscriber needs to visit the product page, read the terms and conditions and subscribe to the service - for 5₾ per week. If the subscriber no longer wishes to use the service, he/she can easily unsubscribe from it by sending an SMS (to 1407, text Unsub Gameonz) and following the appropriate link.


Beeline aims to create added value for customers and offer products that solve many subscribers' needs. The company is rapidly developing the digital ecosystem and creating modern, innovative digital products and services for subscribers with their comfort and interests in mind.