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Beeline Decides to Increase Salaries for Its Staff


Beeline, a member of the international group Veon, continues to actively fight the consequences of the spread of COVID-19 and to support and motivate employees in the current situation. For this purpose, the Company has increased the salaries of its employees since this month. The increase in the salary does not provide for specific terms and each employee will continue to work under a renewed contract.

Upon the outbreak of COVID-19, Beeline began to take preventive measures and continues to actively care for both employees and consumers. Shortly after the virus was detected, the Company moved employees to work remotely and closed all offices across the country for safety reasons. The Beeline call center has also started working remotely. All Beeline employees have free access to Coursera and LinkedIn online learning platforms and can freely take the desired courses and the staff of the closed stores also take English language courses.

All of Beeline’s services and products are available to customers online, through the app, website and online chat. Beeline SIM cards are also available through Beeline pay terminals and 40 boxes of the Georgian Post.