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Beeline is the partner of the Feedc - user location-based social platform


Beeline, a member of the international group “Veon”, became a partner of Feedc - a unique social platform created by a Georgian student within the scopes of the support local startups. According to the partnership, Beeline will provide advertising support to Feedc, the number of a subscriber of which currently exceeds 200,000 active users per month.

Platform’s logic is based on user location - users can view the posts based on where they are located, or select the area they want and therefore always be aware of events of their interest. Unlike existing social networks, Feedc users see posts of the people in their chosen area, and not the posts of particular people whom they have friended or subscribed with. What distinguishes Feedc from existing social networks is that the like/dislike is anonymous, providing users with freedom from any additional influence. The app has a language filtering feature and allows users to view only posts in the selected language, which can be a significant benefit for immigrants to easily discover people speaking their own language in a foreign country

In connection with the COVID-19, the Feedc team is already introducing the innovation - the space for remote learning: Feedc Edu to help educational institutions to implement distance learning. The educational institutions will be able to use the Feedc Edu for free in a few days and it will be very easy to use - a teacher will create the classroom on the platform; the students shall be added to this classroom and the teacher will be able to conduct video tutorials directly. Along with video tutorials, students will be able to write comments live.

“We became interested in the new social platform for a number of reasons immediately upon the Feedc appeared. First, support for Georgian startups is an important part of Beeline's digital strategy. In support, we mean active participation by our company - usually supporting the promotion and consumption of startups. Feedc has also drawn our attention to having a team dedicated to their workpeople who believe in what they do. The platform has a unique feature - it lets you know what's going on in the area of your ​​interest. So the app has significant potential for supporting tourism as well” – Ms. Tamar Jikia, the Head of Digital and Innovation of the Beeline declared.

The social platform Feedc appeared on the world market on March 30, 2019. The author of the idea is a Mr. Nikoloz Kvaratskhelia, Georgian student, who first introduced the product to his university students in France. Feedc is currently available for iOS and Android users as well as the web.