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Beeline users can get any service online, without leaving home


Beeline, the member of the international group VEON Beeline calls on users to get Beeline service through online channels - MyBeeline application and website to prevent the spread of new coronavirus. MyBeeline subscribers have access to all Beeline services including filling in their balances, activating and deactivating services and tariffs, checking balance, viewing costs in detail. The app runs on both iOS and Android operating system support phones and can be downloaded easily:


Through the  - the Beeline website and its integrated "personal cabinet", subscribers can transfer money, check the balance and view expenses in detail. On the website, users can also purchase Internet, voice and mix packages from both mobile and bank balance, activate Beeline credit and automatic payment service.


With the discovery of COVID-19 in Europe, Beeline began taking precautionary measures against the spread of the virus and is still active. For security reasons, the company temporarily closed stores in Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Batumi airports. Beeline subscribers can make free calls to the hotlines of the Ministry of Health and the Center for Disease Control.