Internet Packages Closure

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Internet Packages Closure

Dear subscribers


Please, be kindly informed, that from April  2, new activations for Data bundles: 1GB for 4 GEL, 2GB for 5 GEL, 4GB for 9 GEL, 10GB for 15 GEL, 30GB for 25 Gel and Application offer 3GB for 5GEL will be canceled. If you already have one of these bundles activated, you will continue to use the package as usual. Upon expiration, the automatic bundle prolongation will be applied.


Please note that in order to automatically renew the bundle, the system must discover a sufficient amount on the balance at the exact time of the 30th day of the bundle activation, at which time the bundle was activated in the previous month. On the 30th day, if there is an insufficient amount on the balance, the system will wait for 5 days for the balance to be topped up to reactivate the bundle. If the balance is not topped up with enough amount within 5 days, the package will be deactivated and a standard tariff will apply on the number. Afterward, it will no longer be possible to activate any of these data bindles.


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